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A project may be entered to both the STARTS Prize and a Prix Ars Electronica category. It is therefore possible to win both the STARTS Prize and a Prix Ars Electronica award at the same time. To do so, submit your project to the specified Prix Ars Electronica category (via the submission platform and in the appropriate entry field at the end of the submission confirm that the project is also to be considered for the STARTS Prize.
Submitters, who registered already for the Prix Ars Electronica, can use this account also for the STARTS Prize.

Online Submission

The submitter of the project does not have to be the artist; another person (e.g. artists representatives, representatives of a community, project coordinators, etc.) can submit a project as well. Furthermore, a submitter is allowed to submit several projects and/or submit projects in the name of several participants.

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